Our Story

As our business grew, Amy and I considered hiring our family members. I warned her that working with family in business can be "fraught with landmines." If we were going to succeed in working with family members, as well as customers, we needed to learn a very important skill:

Listening with Empathy
That does not mean thinking about what you are going to say when the other person stops talking! Listening with empathy means really hearing your customer or family member as they express their needs to you and striving to fulfill those needs.

Beautiful Noise
At a recent company get-together, as everyone was laughing and playing a card game, someone piped up "Listen to that beautiful noise!" It is beautiful to listen to associates and three generations of family enjoying playing and working together.

We look forward to serving you and your family and listening with empathy...with a goal of satisfying your needs.

-Told by Phil-

Three Generations of Family

The family-first, “treat people the way you want to be treated” approach lines up perfectly with how Phil and Amy were raised. They’ve built Cardinal Blinds & Shutters on the foundation of this “Golden Rule”. 


Phil - Father

Phil loves the art of business. He is always thinking and talking about Cardinal Blinds & Shutters. Phil believes that if you’re going to extend an offer to someone, make sure it’s an offer you’d accept if on the other side. He is married to Judy, his wife of 36 years and together they have 7 children, 12 grand children and 3 great grandchildren.

Amy; Owner Cardinal Blinds & Shutters LLC

Amy - Daughter

Amy loves to meet people, so pull up a seat and say hello! Some of her favorite days are spent with her family and friends, just enjoying life together. Amy has 4 children and 3 grandchildren.  Some of her favorite things: puzzles, game night with friends and dancing to the music of her favorite, local bands.

Spencer - Cardinal Blinds & Shutters LLC

Spencer - Grandson

Spencer is Amy’s son and Phil’s grandson. He loves talking to customers and being a team player. He and his wife Courtney are happiest when at the dog park with their dogs Yadi and Sydney. Spencer enjoys traveling and plays on a competitive wiffle ball team. Go Cardinals!

Meet the team behind Cardinal Blinds & Shutters

Lisa - Cardinal Blinds & Shutters LLC

Lisa - Operations Manager

Lisa is Amy’s sister and Phil’s daughter. Lisa enjoys spending time with her daughter Kelsey and their dog Kai. She is a huge sports fan and loves watching the St. Louis Cardinal’s win!. Lisa works hard at keeping everything running smoothly at Cardinal Blinds & Shutters, just try not to call the office if Kentucky Basketball is on…. Go Big Blue!

Chris - Cardinal Blinds & Shutters LLC

Susan - Consultant

Susan has had a long, distinguished career in the corporate world. She and her husband Travis are the parents of Andy and Katherine and their two dogs. As a family, they enjoy the beach, football and trying out new restaurants. 

chris - installer

Chris is the kind of person you want to hang around with: thoughtful and funny. Often, you’ll hear Chris asking if there is anything he can help them with before he leaves for the day. We have nicknamed him “Mr. Fix-it" because he knows all there is needed to know about the ins and outs of window treatments. Chris and his girlfriend Hannah like playing yard washers and taking their dog to the park.

Installer Zach; Cardinal Blinds & Shutters LLC

Zach - installer

Zach is a blessing to have on our team. He is professional and thorough in all that he does. Whether it is cleaning blinds or installing shutters, Zach knows how to get the job done. Zach and his wife Heather have two adorable daughters and when he’s not hanging out with them, you’ll find him fishing. 

brittany - marketing

Brittany is Amy’s daughter and Phil’s granddaughter. Brittany helps around the office and is a delight to talk to. She is the mother of 3 cute kids. Brittany loves photography and playing board games with her family.

Kelsey - Office

Kelsey is Lisa’s daughter and Phil’s granddaughter. Kelsey is well rounded in office functions. She is a fast learner and is sharp. When she isn’t working, she loves working on interior design projects and watching the Cardinals.


Liz - Office

Liz is efficient and always looking to be helpful. She learns quickly and takes every task seriously. When she isn’t supporting the Cardinal Blinds & Shutters' office, she loves doing art projects and going on hikes.